The musicians

Herbert Schicht (banjo, squeezebox, voc.) learned to play the classical piano as a child, at the age of 37 discovered his fascination for the 5-string banjo - a typical instrument for bluegrass music and formed his first band BLUEGRASS EAGLE (1992-1995). From 2002 to 2006 he played in the band THORNCREEK VILLAGE RAMBLERS. He founded the band ROUGHROAD.

Wolfgang Hammer (fiddle, guitar, voc.) His musical background was heavily influenced by working with many famous artists such as Gus Backus, Oscar Klein, Hans Salomon, Hazy Osterwald, Bill Ramsey, Bibi Johns, Alfons Haider, just to name a few. In autumn 2015 he joined the band ROUGHROAD and helped to give it a more powerful sound with his vocals and incompareable fiddle sound.

Captain DOC" Washboard (wash board, Jews harp and different partially self-made percussion instruments) for many years devoted to Country music (three years as sound engineer with SALTCASTLE BULLWASHERS and TEX ROBINSON, then 5 years of cooperation with STEVE HARRISON). He, too, has been a member of ROUGHROAD since their foundation.

Barbara Maresch (voc., guitar) sang and played for years in the all-female Country Band BLUE RIVER STRINGS. With her folk voice she has brought new life into the band ROUGHROAD, as our lead singer, since January 2012. Despite having previously played bass guitar, her instrument of choice is now the guitar.

Sissi Schmid (double bass, voc.) found "her" instrument in 2009, after a few years of piano lessons in childhood and later guitar lessons: first she picked up the electric bass, and then - in true bluegrass style - switched to double bass. The last few years she grooved at SLOWGRASS and since November 2011 she is the rhythmic support at ROUGHROAD.