The Band

The hearts of the five musicians belong to the so-called bluegrass music, named after the vast blueish prairies of Kentucky, where Bill Monroe and his "Bluegrass Boys", at the beginning of the 1940ís, developed this form of Country Music dominated by acoustic instruments.

ROUGHROAD have been upholding this tradition since 2006 in various lineups and include songs from every decade of the last century ranging from Earl Scruggs over Tony Rice to Nickel Creek in their repertory. This, however, is by no means a purist minority program. Examples of American songwriter art, trips to the musical roots in Ireland as well as the bandís own compositions are found in their program.

The style of the band ranges from Old Time Country Music over Bluegrass Instrumentals and Cajun to Modern Country and Folk, all played with acoustic instruments such as guitar, fiddle, bass guitar, banjo, accordion and Jewís harp, as well as self-made percussion instruments.

A concert of ROUGHROAD is a journey through North America and through the development of Country Music throughout the centuries.

The band has its own PA system.